Monday, October 02, 2006

Good-bye Australia

Life in Darwin has been pretty boring. At first it was alright, but i've been here over a week now and it a small town and I've run out of things to do. Anyway, while beign here I've been doing a lot thinking. And a lot of spending money, on NOTHING!! Where did it all go?!?!!?!?
Well with all my thinking and all my money spending I came to a conclusion. I don't have enough time left to work again, and I don't have enough money left too travel a month and a half in Australia, so i decided, I would go to Asia instead. I've got plenty of moula for a month and a half there. Mike decided he would want to come along too, so that should be cool
So that's what we're doing, we're waiting for our tax return, then booking our tickets. We might leave today, or in 2 days.

(good-bye my roadtripping friends)
Our flight will be landing in singapore. Then we plan to bus our way through malaysia to Thailand. Woohoo good times!
I can't wait to be back in Asia!
All in all Australia's been great times, I met some great people and did some cool things, but I'll ready to leave now, I've had enough, for now

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Bevy said...

Hey Zigatron! It's your "crazy" Canadian friend Bev hahaha. Doin some reading and I miss Oz sometimes for sure. I wonder how things would have ended up had I stayed, aw well things are going good for me back home right now. Anyways, reading your blogs brought back some memories :) email me or somethin and tell me what goin down! Miss ya