Tuesday, October 17, 2006


(Mike and the trishaw driver)
hmmm what can I say about Malaysia. It was a pretty neutral place. I probably would have liked it a lot more had the air been half decent. I spent just over a week and only travelled through 3 cities, including Malacca, Kuala Lumpu (the huge twin petrona towers were nice except they were barely visible with the smog.) and Georgetown which was an island off of Penang. We really didn't do much but wander around and watch movies, we actually couldn't find more to do.. maybe we were just being lazy, i dunno...
anyway our stop after that was Koh Phi Phi which was that island where they filmed "the Beach"
(these are the Petronas, usually you can see them clearly form this tower, but thats how smoggy it was)

(on the trishaw with Mikey)

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