Thursday, October 05, 2006

Singapore! cough, cough

Monday morning we had all our taxes figured out, We bought a plane ticket and flew to Singapore a few hours later. Hmmm what can I say about singapore. We didn't stay long at all. It was a weird country. The way I would describe it (and this is only after 3 days of being there ) is Singapore is to Asia as North America is to Europe.
Let me elaborate on that; In europe you have lots of different countries, each country having its own unique culture and way of life. then you go to North America, which is filled with people originally from europe all from different parts however. Because of this North america has no real culture or religion or one way of life, its just one big mess of everything. And in my personal opinion I felt like Singapore was exactly that to Asia. There were so many different Nationalities that it was just a big mess of randomness, plus everyone spoke perfect english ad drove fancy cars ( real clean looking fancy cars) and listenbed to 50 cent. It was strange..nice, and clean, and friendly...but strange...
what did we do there? hmm lots of walking around and taking the train all over the place..nothing too exciting, then again i don't think there was much more to do.

anyway I just got to Malaysia a couple hours ago to a city called Malacca. So far I like this place...
However, YAY for me, just in the Isabel way I'm in the wrong place at the wrong time again, Singapore and Malaysia are currently covered with a really bad haze. Its caused by forests they're burning in Sumatra, Indonesia. So everthing here is really dense and smoggy and the sky is grey (eventhough its sunny out) and its unbarebly humid and hot. My lungs hurt!
Stoooopid smoke!!!

here's some news about it
(No DURIANS! HA! Durians are stinky fruit, I thought it was funny they forbade them in the subway)

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