Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Well I hopped on a bus and then a ferry and ended up on Koh Phi phi in Thailand! This is the island where "The Beach" was filmed. It was really beautiful... but unofrtunatly you can still see the mass damage the Tsunami did to it, but they're recovering well and have plenty of tourist to give em lots of money.
(Koh Phi phi, where the movie "The Beach" was filmed)
Unfortunately the second day we were there, or was it the third?? hmmmm...Mikey got some bad news from home, and immediatly flew home. I hopped a plane with him to Bangkok, because I figured bumming around on the islands on my own would be a) boring, b) too pricey.
So for like the MILIONTH time I am wandering around Bangkok confused and alone. It kind of sucks because I'm really burnt out from travelling, I was really looking forward to slowly and casualy meandering north with a friend (who was just as easy and hassle free about evrything as I am). Meh I guess that's travelling for ya.
Well the imfamous Derek is somewhere in this city at the moment aswell, though I haven't been able to reach him, I'm sure we'll meet up. I'll try to come up with a rough plan as to what I'm doing within the next few days!

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