Wednesday, September 27, 2006

5000 km, 5 people and a Ford Falcon

On september 12 th we picked up our grey Ford Falcom and jammed all our stuff in the back. It was a bit cozy with the five of us squeezed in the back and all of our stuff , but luckily, driving still makes me sleep so I slept through most of it. We managed to cover nearly 5000km within 10 days. It was a lot of driving.
We started off from Cairns did a small detour to go visit 2 of our friends from work, Dan and Jacinta from Melbourn, in Mossman.
The 7 of us spent the evening having a few drinks in the CAR. hahaha it poured rain most of the night. It was a bit of a nightmare.

(having drinks in the car with our co-workers fromChilders, Dan and Jacinta)
From Mossman we went to Mt. Garnet, which was cool, it had hotsprings, but it still rained more of the day.
(in the hotspring)

Mt. garnet- Normanton

Normanton was cool, it was really hot day, but this place had a nice, pool and a warmish jacuzzi, good relaxing times.

Normanton- Mt. Isa

Mt. Isa- Devils Marbles

Devils Marbles had to have been one of the coolest places of this trip. This place literally looks like someone dropped gigantic marbles all over the place. We found a free campsite here and camped amongst the marbles under a gorgeouse clear sky. Some random Japanese people camped here as well and put on a bit of a fire show for us ( a la full moon party in thailand).
Mike also SWORE a kangaroo kicked his foot in the middle of the night, right mike!

Devils Marbles- Curtain springs

We saw a wild camel,
And I FINALLY got my campfire. We chilled around it, had a few beer, roasted some marshmellows, as James busted some tunes on his guitar. Two Dutch girls joined us for the night. Was a great night all in all.

ULURU (aka Ayers Rock)

This is the giganticly huge Rock in the middle of australia (it's one of the wonders of the world )
We hung around for sunset, really was amazing...
We also saw the Olgas, which was more cool looking rock formations.

Uluru-Renner springs

Renner springs- Kakadu

Kakadu was a nice little rainforesty place, with a tiny waterfall (cuz its dry season now) and cool little lakes (though we are advised to swim at our own risk cuz there's Crocodiles everywhere! )

anyway our last stop was Darwin.
thats where I am now. Mel flew to Perth yesterday so I no longer have my travel partner (after 4 months of living and travelling with her. I'm going to miss her, she was great times!!! The other English guy, Rich and the scotish guy, James are headed to go pick mangos in a few days. and the Canadian guy, who knows
as for me I have no clue what so ever either hmmmm
for now I'll just relax get some sun and enjoy the 35 degree weather

here's a link to James' page, he put up some of the photos. have a look at that until i've finally get a chance to put mine up

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