Monday, September 11, 2006

In Cairns and free of hassles

Well Mel and I had a brief stop in Mission Beach, we got bored of small towns so we rushed up to Cairns! It's been great here. the weather is perfect, city is not TOO big but has everything we need. I've done some shopping and lots and lots of tanning and lying by this gorgeouse little Lagoon. We met up with one of Mel's friends, Rich, from England, and now Mikey the Canadian guy we worked with in Childers is comign to meet up with us here. We're goign to rent a stationwagon and drive up to Darwin which should take us at least a week. Should be good fun.

Oh and I am happy to announce that I am officially free of having anything to do with the van or the cranky girl inside of it. I had a great time living and travelling in it for 4 months. But after Joan visited me in Childers, and about 10 phone calls from her bitching at me for this and that and complaining about everything, I realized I would be absolutly miserable going on travelling with her. I just couldn't handle it anymore it stressed me out pointlessly. I figured I'm dishing out mass amounts of cash for this trip, and I decided, selfishly i must admit, that it would be best for me to head my own way. I lost a few hundred dollars in the process of doing so including a few of my person things, but at least I'm happier than ever!!!

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