Friday, November 26, 2004

6 days in Bangkok

So thursday, Nov 18th, mornign at 5:00 I woke up, and was off to the dorval airport AGAIN. Not much to say about that other that the fact that the 30 hours to get from montreal to bangkok were TERRIBLE. Sitting and waiting around when you're exhausted just isn't too much fun.

Well I arrived in Bangkok Friday night at 11:45pm, met up with Derek (the guy I'm travelling with, incase you don't already know) and headed off to my guest house. I'm staying in this really nice cozy guest house called "Suk 11" you can have a look at it here

hmmm besides that nothign too exciting has happened. This is my 4th time to bangkok, I've already seen all the Wats (temples) and other attractions, so if you're not into hookers, buying suits, jewlery or watching "pingpong shows" (if you don't knwo what that is please don't ask) Bangkok really isn't all that too exciting.

So far I haven't done much other than eat deliciouse Thai food, and bum around. I had the pleasure of visitting a thai hospital here. I have never seen such efficient and good health care before. NOTHING compared to the shitty system we have back home. I got a test done here, that will take 3 days for them to gte me the results, as opposed to when I got them done back home where it took them TWO MONTHS!!!!!!!

I was also taken out to Sirocco, what they claim to be, the nicest restaurant in Bangkok, for my a late birthday celebration. MMMMMMMMMMM I had the best food I've ever eaten there, and the view was GORGEOUSE.

I went to a bar, but didn't really like it much because it was crawling with old men with either blue or brown polyester socks pulled up half way to their knee, with sandals and their young hookers. It's really a sad sight.
Due to the lack of anything else to do I went on a day long mission to find my favourite pancake lady and finally found a pancake man standing infront of my guest house, which made my day.

Tonight, I will be flying to Sri Lanka. Originally I was supposed to wait a few more weeks until I leave to go there, but there was no point staying here when I was goign to come back anyway.
I'm pretty excited because the culture in Sri Lanka is completely different (well as far as I know) then what I've experienced so far. Plus apperantly they have some very beautiful beaches.

I won't have access to the internet much in Sri Lanka, apperantly it's pretty hard to find a good connection, but I'll try to keep intouch!
I hope all is well in montreal, and it's not raining toooooo much!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Zig,

Well, let's see a picture of the pingpong show :P

share the experience :D

Considering where you are, I wouldn't consider the men dirty if their prostitutes were at least 16 or 17. Those are the more cultured!