Tuesday, November 16, 2004

my trip in general

Eventhough my last 2 posts seemed negative I had an AMAZING time in Cuba. I spent most my time, walkign along the beach, drinking all kinds of fancy drinks, swimming in the pool,and coming up with complicated routes to the beach to avoid the stalking Cuban men, well not all of them ;)
While I was there I really met a lot of interesting people,and learned a lot about the country. Before i went I had absolutly no clue about the place, then again I have a habit of doing that.
So it turns out the average person makes about 15 USD a MONTH in Cuba. And for some reason most things u buy in Cuba are in US dollars, not only in the resorts which really confuses me,from what i understood that is.
The money they earn isn't proportional to the cost of living there either. Things are actually rather expensive. Unlike in china,many people were making around 100-150$ a month,which was fine, you can live a decent life with that income there. I really don't know how some people survive there. hmmm theres a lot about cuba i still don't quite understand, it all seems so complicated.
Cuba also has 2 currencies. the Cuban peso which is 28=1 USD
and the Convertible Peso which is 1=1USD
this is what is replacing the american dollar,because as of nov 8 it is no longer allowed to be used.
things apperantly just keep getting more complicated there,i think.
One thing that really stood out about the people there,well besides their sexy accents, was how educated everybody was. In Cuba education is free,all the way upto university, and apperantly most people take advantage of this. I met some people whospokeperfect english, french, and german. Ignorance is something I rarely saw in these people. Generally I was really impressed by the average cuban i met,they seemed like very intelligent,sincere and down to earth people. Then again I was in a touristic area and didn't get to really experience cuba so i'm not really in a good position to judge.
Anyway I'm back home now,I have a great tan, a cigar,and a few litres of rhum and am stressing out because I leave for Thailand on Thursday. Everythig came so fast, it's hard to get everything done so quickly.....


Anonymous said...

Hey Zig,

Well glad to hear you like some of what you saw and sad to hear you didn't like most of the trip so far:P

Remember though...you said yourself that the Island you were on wasn't Cuba or the average citizen of cuba, but ppl with special permission to be there. Obviously they won't let the average poor woman on the island and deter tourists so all the woman you saw with fancy clothes were probably rich(cuban standards anyways) or given the clothes to appease tourists.

Dun feel bad helping them(although i woulda gave grapes or an apple :| ).

Enjoy thailand and say no to candies when offered!!

ZIG!!! said...

the people with the nice clothes were actually off the island, in trinidad