Thursday, November 11, 2004

My day as a cow

Today I had the oppertunity to experience what it felt like to be cattle. I was woken up at 7:30 in the morning, graised a little and was hearded onto a bus. I sat on this bus for 3 and a half houres, the destination was Trinidad,an old fashion city in south eastern cuba,or so i was told, i didn't actually really get to see it much. After the bus ride,we were hearded off to graise a bit more on an "international" buffet which consisted of nothing that might resemble authentic cuban food. After eating we headed to a big tall tower which really didn't have any significance or much history as far as i know, so we could take pictures to impress our friends back home with all the real cuban buildings we saw. Of course within this tourist trap we were bombarded by people trying to get money out of the tourists. Tourists hate when they do this, obviously, who wouldn't, but the thing is, it's the tourists fault in the first place that they do this.
I find that many people go to third world countries like cuba, feeling sorry for them due to the fact that they don't have all the luxiouries that we have. Which is true, they have nothign compared to what we have,but in my oponion this doesn't necessarily mean they're living a terribly misfortunate life, just different. They live much simpler,less materialistic lives. Hell if I had the choice to to work in a small hut by the beach and live a stress free life for just a few dollars a day as opposed to a fast pased,stressful life in a dirty,noisy city and be rich,I wouldn't even have to think twice with choising choice # 1. But then again it really depends on the person.
Well I'm straying from my point, Cubans live a very simple life,not very materialistic, because they really don't have the means to obtain many material things. This doesn't mean they are less fortunate than us, generally they're happy with what they have and really don't know any other way. Then along come these tourists who feel sorry for the way they have to live,and hand out all kinds of presents. It's a nice thought in theory,and they're happy to recieve these presents, but now all of a sudden they're introduced to these things that really are convinient or fun, or whatever to have around. So they become accustummed to these things and they feel they need them, and how do they get these things? from tourist! And this is how the whole begging,and scamming and hassling thing in touristic areas started. Which really is a shame.For me it really spoils the experience to be viewed as a way to make some money or some one who should be giving gifts.
I witnessed one thing that really upset me ( you may think i'm crazy for getting upset at this) I saw a couple handing candy to one of the local kid *gasp*
HAHA I mean normally that's a very thoughtful, kind thing. But think about it in this case.
"awww poor kid he's got nothing,let's give him candy"
then what happens? he get's no nutrition, ruins his teeth, get's hyper and throws spazzes when he can't get more. Maybe I'm reading into this too much but i just think that if u feel bad for someone why not give them soemhting that they benefit from.
Well that;'s enough ranting for me. All in all I was disapointed with the trip to trinidad, though i did get to see some of the city, which was beautiful. Oh and I would also like to note,even though you always hear how poor Cubans are and they need help from us, and we should bring all our old clothes when we visit so they have soemthing decent to wear, cuban women were dressed nicer than I ever am. They had soem of the most beautifull clothing I've seen.hmmmmmmmmm

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