Sunday, December 05, 2004

Sri Lanka

I left Bangkok around Nov 25th. We had a plane to Colombo, Sri lanka at 9:45 pm. It was a 3 and a half hour plane ride. We arrived at the airport at 11pm and didn't have a bus out to Kandy until 5 am. The bus station was extremely hectic, and the fact that I had as many bags as i did didn't help. So I slept through the entire ride pretty much, waking up every now and then by banging my head against the window. Sri lankans are the craziest drivers I've ever seen. I thought China was bad, these peopel are even worse!!! So Kandy is a nice little town in the center of Sri Lanka . People here compared to Asian are much nicer and down to earth. But that might be because most of them speak very good english. I stayed in a nice guest house there called Pinkhouse. Derek's stayed there for the past 5 years so he knows them well. Well the rooms there were shit. Every now and then you's here rats running across the ceiling, chirping of the lizards we had living in our room, and I had a cockroach living in my matress. The place had a really nice athmosphere though. The owner of the place was a really sweet lady and made exellent Dahl and Sambol mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

The food in Sri Lanka is soooo good. Prety spicy and most things are ade with coconut and are curry based. Another great aspect about dining here is you eat everythign with your HANDS!!! I love it!

One of the things I like about the guest house was how everyone came would sit out front in the wicker chairs. It was nice because each person stayig there was from a different part of the world. At one point there wer people frpm Spain,Grece,Israel,Italy,England, Irland,New Zealand, and sri lanka of course. It was cool hearing the different accents al in the same conversation. Also it would be cool how every morning I would wake up to chanting monks, because of the Buddhist temple just down the street.
We didn't do too much in Kandy other than walk down the road past the lake to the bakery to get some "Short Eat" which is pretty much just pastries with some kind of meat or curry spicy type stuff in it.

Aftr 6 days in Kandy we decidedit was time to head south to the beach. It was just a 6 hour bus ride until we got to MIRISSA BEACH (which is where I'm stayig now). Again the guest house we are staying at is owned by someone Derek knows very well.So they gave us a nice room inside their house. Also we get the benefits of helping yurselves to the fridge and sneaking in while the cook is making supper for everyone and pickign at whatever we want to eat. Also we get free tuk-tuk rides if we need.

So my life for the past while consists of pretty much waking up around 8 am everymorning. Stepping out of the door onto the beach for a walk, eat breakfast, Lie on the beach, read a book or work on y thesis paper. Then it's lunch time, which is then followed by nap time. after nap time, it's tiem to bum around a bit, maybe read a bit more or o back to the beach for anoter walk until supper time. After supper time tere's nothing left to do other sit by the beach and have a few beers. And I must add that Sri Lanka makes an excellet STOUT beer.
This is pretty much te storry of my life unti after Christmas.

After Christmas I'm heading to the hills, and doing some walking. and stuff, nothing to excitng
I have some picture, and am in the process of tryign to put them up on a siter.
As i said before it's hard for me to access any good internet here.
Miss you all and hope to hear from you!!! and HAPPy HOLIDAYS!!!!

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