Saturday, December 18, 2004

Just an update

Okokok, I know a lot of you read my last blog and thought "WHAT?! Isabel's reading books?!?!?" Well before you make any comments about it, yes I am. Really there's nothing else to do then lie around and read books, and believe it or not, I'm really enjoying it, who would have thought.

Well today I got my ass on a bus and made my way to Colombo, the capital, to get a Visa extention for another 2 months. I'll probably be staying in sri lanka till somtime in the middle of january or begining of february. Then it turns out I can get a 70$ plane ride to India, why the hell not right?

That's that, sorry if I'm being half assed with my e-mails, just in mirissa, where I'm staying, it's hard to get access to a computer, but I'm trying.Oh and you know how i sent out an e-mail saying i can make this thing update you when Iupdate my blog, well it's not true
sorry, so you'll just ahve to check in every now and then.
well take care and stay warm
(oh and i got my pictures from cuba, if u want to see et me know, I'll snd them to ya)


Anonymous said...

pictures yay!

send some to me,

Bobby & Skittle

Anonymous said...

you sure are having a great time there, chabelita. Good to hear that. Seems that being a painter in Canada can give you a lot of money to travel around the world.
Lucky you. Enjoy it while you still can.
Merry Christmas and a happy new year.


Anonymous said...

hey its ashley...ben asked how u were doing lol...send me some pics and i hope your having a merry xmas
ashley (montreal)

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's Norm

I just wanted to let everyone that is reading this know that I just spoke with Zig's brother, and he sais that she called from a hospital this morning ( December 27th), to say that she was okay. (Incase anyone was worried with the Tsunami hitting Shrilanka)

So any of you sitting on the edge of your seat worrying (I know there were a few), she's okay

We luv ya Zig!

ARTURIUS said...

thank you sooooo much for the info Norm whoever you are...


Anonymous said...

Yeah. thx a lot!

Zig, It's todd.

Glad to know u are ok!! read my email thatt i've sent u back, ok? Keep doing fine and stay safe!!



Anonymous said...

Well i sent you an email Zig but i guess Norm answered. It would still be nice to hear from you when you are up and feeling better though.

If you need people to talk to, just remember the people checking up on you okay ;)

take care, cause we care


ZIG!!! said...

just want to thank you norm to inform everyone, just to correct you, i was never in a hospital i was on a mountain near the temple ;)
thanks again