Thursday, May 04, 2006

I went to a PSYCHIC FEST!

yup I did, and it was pretty interesting. I had my palms read and had some psychic lady tell me about myself and my future. strangely enough what they both said pretty much was the same as eachother.
So now let me give you a bit of insight about my future.
The first thing the psychic lady said is she sees a man with me ( dead man) with dark hair who travels. He's the reason I get along with guys alot more. There was another dead lady with me,who had a lot of love and respect for me. She came from a cottage had a tough life and was surrounded by lots of mountains. She had soft features and light brown hair. (I then told her I don't know any of my relatives so she dropped the whole dead thing and moved on)
I'm goign to keep travelling like this for 2 more years (only TWO more years!!!)
there's going to be some study in my futrue, no university degrees, but more school for sure
I'm having 2 kids, and meeting my soul mate at 29
she spoke of 3 men that are currently around me or in my near futur
1) someone I supposedly met reletively not too long ago. We have a deep connection, he's 6 feet tall (at least) has dark curly hair, likes to party alot. She saw him standing on beach with no shirt on with really baggy shorts (hmmmmm)
I'll end up having a reunion with him and we'll travel together for awhile.
2) A light brown hair boy with blue eyes, I may not even know who he is, but he knows me, and is waiting for me to come home, and stop my travelling way...His family is wealthy ("not that you care" the psychic lady said) his family is involved insome kind of fishing or boat type thing...
3) Black hair, gorgeous guy in the north of Australia. He's 26 years old that I'll fall for, but shouldnt.......
I don't have much of a clue who any of these guys are, but interestig nonetheless...
So it was also mentioned that I am going to come home early, to canada, cuz someone related to me is going to be in an accident or get sick suddenly (she mentioned pneumonia briefly)
It was mentioned that I have a lot of safe energy around me. "If I'm in a bad situation, I'm always in a good situation"
apperantly I will have guns pointed at me at some point, and I'll come out of it ok.
hmm what else what else...
Oh I'm going to have people try to scam me 3 times in money on my way up the east coast (what else is new??).
I'll also end up seperating with Joan for a bit but meeting again.
So I am supposedly a great emotional and spiritual healer. The lady saw me leading young people and helping them in the future.
I'm spiritual (she emphisized not Religious)
The palmist guy said I am not meant to work for anyone. I hate being told what to do, and I'll work for myself or something.
They both told me I should take down my writers block, because eventhough I think I'm creative and have lots of interesting things to write.
I was also reassured I am on the exact path I'm supposed to be. I have to get all the travel out of me to settle down, and also have to gather as much wisdom as I can for my future career.
They said I was lonely, also saw the 2 significant relationships I had and it was mentioned it was really good I ended the last one whne I did, or it would have gotten much more physically aggressive. (the palmist really hit that one right on)
They said a bunch of other things.
So I'm pretty skeptical about this stuff, but I have to admit these guys are pretty good. They didn't ask me many questions, and I barely mentioned anythign about myself and they got pretty close on a lot of things.
Well whether this was bullshit or not, it did make me realize eventhough I'm living my life a bit different than most, I'm still doing what I'm supposed to. It was good to hear that coming out of someone elses mouth, whether they were pulling it out of their ass or not.

So besides goign to psychic fests, I've been keeping myself busy handing out 9847593465349724 resumes. Unfortunatly no one likes to hire travellers because we're all unstable. I'm staying in Surfer's Paradise. which is really nice. It's a pretty big city right by the beach, so its perfect..
Unfortunatly looks like I might end up doing some telemarketting here. Not as bad as montreal telemarketting but still eeeeeeeuuuuuuuu. Oh well, I'm living on my last 40$ so I best not be too picky!
I'll start workign monday, if anythign better comes along I can always quit and do that.
Just incase anyone is wondering, its been 2 weeks since we got the van fixed and he's still purring liek a kitty.
That's about it for the excitment here. As always we met some more people who felt bad for us an invited us to sleep in their beds while they sleep on the couch HAHAH.
But our van is so perfect right now we rather sleep in our own bed.


Anonymous said...

well well, it seems that your doing everything over there, wish O was with you, write me when you can. Manuel P.

Anonymous said...

I still find it so amazing that you're adventuring through Australia.

Be safe, and don't take the advice of fortune tellers seriously! :)