Thursday, May 25, 2006

being my usual random sporadic self

Well I've been in Surfer's Paradise for over a month now...looking for work. Looking so much that I have been to the beach twice since being here, and gone out at night only twice as well. We've done NOTHING but look for work. I did the door to door marketting thing trying to sell 4000$$$$$ vacuums. that obviously wasn't for me. then I did telemarketting for 4 days, which didn't work out so good either.

So I'm sick of surfer's, everybody is rich, snobby and superficial here. They're not hiring anyone for another month, and not that I have anythign against Joan, but after spending the past 4 months together, sleeping, eating, peeing, BREATHING together 24 hours a day, we could defineltly use some time off. (even though it will be the weirdest thing)

I descided to randomly whisk off to Brisbane on my own, meet up with some random Canadian girl I met telemarketting. RENT a van (HAHAH I'll own 2 vans but still can't drive) for about 7 $ a night, meet up with her Gay english friend, and head back off into some farms to earn some good money. We'll do some other things along the way but nothings planned yet.
I leave sunday night, it'll be weird packing my bags and takign a bus. It'll also be the strangest thing being away from Joan. She wants to stay in Surfer's for a little bit longer, and try harder to get some kind of bar work.
I'm also going to spend a week while we're waiting for J.P. (the English guy) standing on street corners begging people to give me money for fundraisers (not my own cause). Oh the things I subject myself to for money!! HAHAHAHH
Well that's me being random again, I wonder how it'll work out, and I wonder when I'm going to see joan and the van again, hmmmmmmm

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