Saturday, May 20, 2006

emotionally crazy week!

Well my week hasn't been the best in Australia. I found myself a telemarketting job which compleltely sucks. The day before I was supposed to start (on mothers day) I found out my Dad had a Heart attack... He's alright now, from what i've heard, but it still such a helpless feeling when you're on the other end of the world and something like that happens.
..Well the job sucked just as bad as i thought. 5 days later I'm jobless again. It was half our descision and half the boss'. The boss pretty much senced our enthusiasm about the whole thing...
So I'm completely broke now and don't know where I'll work, I started going to the gym, but I had to stop that too until I know where I'll be working. We might head inland again to go pick some fruit... I think everything will sort itself out soon enough though.
Well as negative as this blog may sound, things will look up, we also finally met some cool girls to hang out with. They live in a nice apartment with a pool and hot tub. So that should be fun.
They're also having the same luck trying to find a job as us, we actually met them at work, and they lasted even less there than us...
.... So things aren't great now, but i guess they can't always be!!!

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