Saturday, March 04, 2006

In Sydney taking care of our baby

So what have I done since I last wrote? hmmm, not too much, but at the same time so much. I got to Sydney February 13th. We're staying in Panania, which is the suburbs in Sydney with Richard, a friend of ours, which is really convinient since we had a lot of things to do. We opened a bank account, got our tax file number, got a phone number and been cooking up a storm. We've been to a few bars and have exclusively been meeting Irish people, not that I have anything against Irish people but my god why are there so many here, and where are the Australians in AUSTRALIA?!?!?!
I've also been to a beach ONCE since I left montreal, and as always I got too cocky and got a bad burn just like everytime I go to the beach for the first time!
So the most important thing we've done is we bought our baby; a 1977 toyota hiace.
We've been spending most of our time working on him. We got the carborator reconditioned and got most the rust off the body. So it looks pretty good and doesn't sound too bad either for a 30 year old car.
We've also been pimping out the inside. He looks pretty good so far. Now let me tell you a bit about the inside. So far it has a full kitchen, a double bed, a table, a stove, a sink, a fridge, and an OVEN hahahahah so i can bake a cake on the side of the road if I want. Oh and recently we added a fully stocked bar. Yupyup all the comforts of home in a van, I just hope it will last us the year.
Well our van should be ready to take off tomorrow, so we're finishing up everythign and moving in all our stuff. So our real trip will finally begin.
We also plan to go picking some fruit in the very near future. Just not too sure what it is we'll be doing yet. I'll know in a few days


Hill_Babe said...

Hey Zig!!!!

Your trip sounds awsome so far!! I'm soo jelous! I just got back from Jalcamolco, Mexico a tiny village outside Xalapa (outside Veracruz)I just spent 10 days there with my dad on a week of rivers (kayaking) , running waterfalls!!

My guide, her name was Isabelle, but we called her Zab, if you could ever have an identical twin, it would be her. She looked like you, talked like you and travels around the world like you. Kinda scary how much alike you too are. It really made me miss you!!!I hope your trip is awsome, if I don't get into my program for the year I may come visit you!!! Anyways, take care, don't get to burnt (I'm a tomato too!).

Cheers, Hilary

Hill_Babe said...

P.S. here's my blog address if you want to check out my adventures too (unlikely since I am sure you don't have a lot of surfing time!)

Loïc Dion said...


I just found out who you are!

That may sound weird but for some reason I tought that the person called zig on my msn contact list was Connor!

Anyway, I'm glad that you're doing what you like most and I hope to see you back in Montreal some day.

As for me I'm living in my shithole writing music and dreaming about warm sun and beaches...

fuck yeah!


Anonymous said...

Hey I just realized something , your van is the same age as me :)

It looks great ( as do I ) for something that old . Pity about the Irish , they are like rats you know , they are everywhere !!

Stay in touch and watch out for kangaroos on the roads .

ZIG!!! said...

Hey loic! that's too funny. Maybe another year of christmas trees and you can write music on the beaches in the warm sun instead of just dreaming about it
Fuck yeah!!!!
oh and who was that anonymus post by hmmmmmmmm....