Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I've got hoes, I've got hoes, in different areeeeaa codes, aaaaarrreeeaaa codes....

Well I found myself the perfect job. I do "Cotton chipping" this job pretty much involves me wandering through cotton fields with a HO (its a tool). The cool thing about this job is, just when u start getting really pissed off at the flies or just frustrated that your wandering around in the heat, you find some huge weeds, and get to chop the hell out of them. It's hilarius to watch, it looks like you're murdering someone from far away. Once you're done, you feel much better and get to continue on with your calm, cool self.
My boss doesn't have a whole lot of work for us and seems to like having us around, so he told us to really take our time and take lots of breaks. I bring my music with me to the fields, stop to bust some moves once in awhile to kill time. They also have ATVs (the 4 wheel bike thing) that i get to drive, god they're so fun. also they give us a car to use. I had my first lesson on manual driving yesterday hahaha, i rather, mess up on that car then our van. The best part about this job is it pays TRIPPLE what the grape picking did plus we get free accomidation. The perfect job. Though I'm SO far in the middle of no where its not even funny. I drove almost an hour to find this TINY little town that has a library for me to use the internet.
Eventhough the farm life has been fun, and the scruffy weird guy who gives us movies and cooks for us once in awhile is really nice, I'm ready to head back into civilization and get some sun and get rid of this UGLY farmers tan.
(Wayne, the really nice guy we lived and worked with while in Griffith)


Anonymous said...

Holy crap!

I stumbled upon this blog completely by random, and I was about to close the page when I realized "Wait a second, I KNOW that girl!"

You seem to have really been up to quite alot! I can't really say I've been sitting on my ass either, but my travelling is nothing compared with what you did!

Aanyways, it's cool to see that things are going well for you! Good luck! BTW: That's a really cool van!

- FiG
(PS: In case you've never seen it, my blog is at http://www.paul.penguincrossing.com)

ZIG!!! said...

PAUL!!!!! how the hell did you accidentally stumble upon this blog??? Crazy how every couple of years we get back into contact. Well hope all is well with you, its been too long. Let me know whats been up!