Monday, March 20, 2006

picking fruit in the country

Well the adventures have now really begun. Living in the van so far has been pretty amazing. We never know where we're going to sleep and we always wake up in the coolest places.
The first night we slept in the van we descided to park in an empty parking lot right by the beach. Oh man this was th funniest night so far. within an hour or so of going to bed we hear a girl yelling to her friend in Spanish "Hey imagine if someone was in there." So this peaked our interest and we descided to have a look outside...hmmm she was waving her ass up in the air at us...she thought our van a good place to take a piss.....interesting...HAHAHAH
so we went back to sleep and woke up at about 5 am to a noise. again we peek outside, there was a man, blocking off the entrances and exits. this was rather troublesome to us. But we ignored it and went back to sleep only to wake up in the morning to be surrounded by dozens of people and lots of white vans and trucks. Turns out they were shooting a commercial around us. So we groggily climb out of bed. We met the director, who appologized for having woken us, and offers us some coffee, and a beer if we wanted,. (it was a commercial for Victoria Beer)
Another night we slept right on the cliff overlooking the beach, and probabaly the most beautiful scene was at the top of a mountain overlooking the city, god it was beautiful, and to make it even nicer it was a full moon and a complete clear night...
So we've been cooking on random BBQs in parks snd using our portable gas stove ( that came with the van) we've also mastered the art of making our own baileys using whatever we can find.
We went up into the mountains for awhile where we did some cool hikes through the jungle.
and for the past few days we've been living in a caravan on a farm. we've been pruning orange trees and doign other random things to help out. Yesterday we went to a Wine grape farm to pick some grapes. We descided that we would make more money collecting cans on the streets. So today we went to pick pumkins. Never again! oh god my back, but good money for a days work. We're probably heading back to the original farm and are going to hang around the orange guy some more.
The most beautiful thing about being out here in the middle of no where is the sky at night. WOW I pitty anyone who has never had the chance to see a clear night while being in the middle of no where. It's beautiful!
Anyway I wish I was a better writer. I can't do ANY of my adventures justice, not at all. But at least you can get a rough idea as to what I'm up to.

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Hill_Babe said...

Hey Zig,

Sounds like your having a blast!!! That sounds like it would be really odd waking up in the middle of a set!! Keep up the adventures!!