Thursday, February 09, 2006

The world is my restaurant

So what have I been doing in Bangkok for the 5th/6th time? Everytime I come here I always discover new things to do and see. This time I learned how to be a complete lazy ass and spoil myself. I figured since everything is so cheap here I would spoil the hell out of myself while I still can, because once i get to australia life won't be so simple and cheap anymore.

The first few days Derek was still here. I hung out with him we didn't do much as always, except run around and get his things together, cuz he was finally, after a year and a half, going back to Ireland/boston whatever. After he left I had a few days to myself. I met a bunch of like minded people hanging out at my guest house. We ate a lot and got a few massages, to finally get those knots out of my back that I got from dragging around those christmas trees in New York. We also spent a lot time just lazing around the front of the guest house and got bitten by lots mosquitos.

Joan arrived here from France a few days ago. We've been doing lots of shopping, got a couple more massages, and I now know how to order food in Thai, thats the extent of knowledge I have in about 10 languages, it's the most important vocabulary of course. We met up with one of Joan's friends, Sugar, who has a tendance of ordering entire bottles of whisky at the bar. Needless to say I've wasted a few days recoving from the nights out. Whiskey is HORRIBLE for hangovers.

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