Friday, April 20, 2007

on my way to prince george BC in a car with a guy I've never met before

So I just spent a month in Ottawa and now I'm ready to head to B.C.
I'm no longer taking a 3 day bus, I'm actually hopping a lift with one of the guys who will be planting with us. Should be good times.
I leave Montreal the 25th, first stop is Toronto, where I will be staying with my older brother and meeting up with Richard.
Who is Richard you ask? Richard is a friend I met in the midst of a hurricane in Progreso, Mexico five years ago. We were both doing our teaching practicums there, I then later convinced him to come to China with me, where we ended up living and teaching together for 6 months, he later went on to marry one of my students and is now living happily (more or less i imagine) in Toronto again.
Its really nice being able to meet up with people I randomly travelled with. Every now and then it feels like my stories are a figmant of my imagination, and when I get a chance to meet up with people who shared these journeys with me it confirms my stories are infact reality. I love reminissing!!!
Well besides that I haven't a clue as to where I'll be stopping and who I'll be seeing, all I know is I have to be in Prince george by the first, where I'll be meeting the entire crew at the hotel. the morning after we will head of into the wilderness to start planting.
I'm antisipating excrutiating pain, and mass fatigue. I'm so out of shape that my body is goign to punish me hard for pushing it to work hard for 10 hours a day. I think the first two weeks are going to be brutal until I get used to it. IT better be worth it!!! And I better not break a leg or twist an ankle, or get mauled by a bear or anything to keep me form doing this job, oh man I would not be a happy camper!!!
well until then enjoy your summer, adn think of me slaving away in the middle of nowhere being consumed by mosquitoes!

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