Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Woops, i kinda dropped off of the face of the Earth and forgot to tell anyone!

So a couple weeks ago i sporadicly decided to go visit jeffy in Ottawa. I didn't really tell anyone because it was just supposed to be a few day thing. Anyway 2 weeks later I'm still here, just so everyone knows I'm not in Montreal. So I'm here doing random things, mostly cleaning up after jeff and his roommate (cuz they're dirty) and walking their dog. Jeff's girlfriend hooked me up with some random jobs which is cool too. Anyway since i've been here i got offered a job in BC planting trees. So that's where I'm going in less than three weeks. I haven't told too many people about that either, but now I am. I'm going to get home on the 22nd of April from Ottawa, and I'm leaving for BC on the 27th (I'm taking a three day bus across Canada) . And then I'll be gone for 3 months in the middle of no where working my ass off. OH and just in case you wonder, I have been to both a naturalist AND an Allergist it appears I am definitely not allergic to trees, hmmmmmmmm.
anyway, unless something stupid happens in the next 3ish months i should come home in great shape, no debts, and not quite as broke, ready for my next journey somewhere....
and sorry for not telling anyone where i disappeared off to

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