Friday, June 01, 2007

Tree planting; life as a rookie

After 50 hours of straight driving with someone i never met before I arrive at my destination ( a month ago):
UGGGGHHHHH, I don't even know where to begin or what to say. Tree planting is hard work, much harder than I expected. I thought since i did all this fruit picking and other manual labour work I'd be prepared, but i was wrong. Anyway things are getting better/profitable/less painful slowly, I've been out here a month already, and I'm still making progress. I'm literally in the middle of no where northern ish BC.

Just to give you an example of how my days work:

I wake up at 5 am every morning to the freezing cold (literaly its usually below zero) I peel myself from my steemy warm sleeping bags and 3 layers of clother+scarf and get dressed and stumble out of my tent to breakfast.

-Make my lunch with the stuff provided

-Wait in line for breakfast; Eat breakfast
-Load into the crummy (the bus thing that takes us to our block)

-Drive for an hour
- plant plant plant (this involves having 300-400 trees strapped to me all day and pounding into the ground with my shovel)
-finish at 5ish
-drive for an hour
-wait in line for supper again
-eat a spectacular supper at 6ish
-some randomness for about an hour or so
-go to bed by 8-9 ish

thats about it, we work 4 days on one day off. Just two more months to go...uuughhh,...
it sucks, but yet i like it, hmmmmm

(home; my tent, well JEff's actually, maybe he'll get it back one day)

(at work the first week with Michelle)

(This is where my camp is (half hour from fort st. James, we were in a gravel pit out previous camp in quesnel), I wake up to this view every morning)


Anonymous said...

hi Isabel !! I love your stories life is short and we deserve making the most of it,,, every day counts,,, I am from Mexico , I stayed in Canada for one month wwoofing in Ontario,,, i t was incredibly beautiful, people treat me well, so this summer I would like to go as a rookie? any ideas you may have?? sorry if bothering I got nothing but internet and some english I learned in England a couple of years now,, Well I saw two things in common with you,,, Guinea pigs!!! and love of travelling!! I have been in Cuba also and I really enjoyed beaches and organic urban agriculture ... well lets keep in touch ,, I would be grateful to hear some advise from you...

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