Saturday, July 09, 2005

I couldn't sleep, so I wrote down what my mind was racing about

After having a restless night on the mountain by the temple. I remember sitting in the burgundy chairs that were rescued from down the street. We were sitting infront of the guesthouse/store with the owner, positioned so we could see the road, to see what was going on, to keep an eye out for looters and of course to have perfect access to the road so we can bolt down it again incase there was another scare. We were also still close enough to the ocean so we could here every wave break. I analysed each wave to make sure that things sounded normal. They never my mind...
In the midst of this intense athmosphere I heard the most desperate, horrifying scream from a woman that I had ever heard. She must have just found out about deaths or losses or both in her family. I seemed to be the only one who heard it though. No one said anything, they didn't even raise their heads to the noise. It was odd.
The mosquitos and the flies for some reason were worse than they had ever been. It was so aggrivating. Then out of nowhere I look over my shoulder and see the coolest looking lizard. I had never seen him before. He was about a foot long, his tail taking up 75% of his length with the most beautiful colors.
" He looks thirsty." I thought. so we poured him some of our rationed coke. He came up right next to us to drink it. I thought it was the coolest thing at the time.
As he drank it, I couldn't help but to wonder " How did he survive the tsunami??"
"How come i've never seen a lizard like that before. I've seen millions of lizards, but never that guy. Hmmm maybe he had also lost his entire life, and after doign such a good job from hiding from us for such a long time, he was so desperate, and lonely that he came to chill with us and drink our coke."

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Hil said...

Hey Zig,

just wondering what you were up to lately and if you were planning any other trips elsewhere. Hope everything is going good for you.

Cheers, Hilary