Sunday, May 15, 2005

does she ever stop?

aperantly not!
So I descided to go a little crazy and post all my pictures up on yahoo just for organizational purposes (is that even a word, hmm). I know most people couldn't care less about pictures, i knwo i usually don't want to see 895724087452 pictures of other peoples trips, but i descided to post them all up just incase someone was bored enough to look.
to make it easier I'll put links here to the different albums:

My home in Nanning china 2003:

Vacation from teaching in variouse chinese cities:

Laos September 2003:

Thailand october 2003:

Japan, december 2003:

Mexico, September 2002

And that's most of the pictures i have of my travels up to date.
So what am I up to now?
Hmm I'll write a summary of the past 10 weeks that I've been back in montreal.
I got home, started lookign for a job immediatly, got sick for 3 weeks, it sucked so everythign was put on hold. then got back to looking for a job, working on my courses online. I made some pretty good progress, until the bastards descided to not get back to me when i sent in my assignments, I'm STIL waiting for a response.

I started working last week. I'm painting again like last year, it's good fun really. i work with two of my good friends so time flies by.
that's the super short version of my time in montreal. though i can't say too much, extremely exciting has happened. Which i'm kind of happy about.

I must admit, even though I was very unhappy coming back home, I now know it was definetly the right descision. I would have gone crazy in thailand, hell i was already half way there. I had to come back home to get my head together, amongst other things.

Eventhough I have the WORST luck when I'm travelling, I'm plannign to travel again. NOT Asia though, i definetely need an Asian break for a little while.
I'm looking in to central/south america. this time I'll go alone, most likely, I mean you meet enough people along the way so it's no big deal and by now i know what i'm doing.
I'm EXTREMELY happy that it's no longer cold and that the snow is gone!!!!
thats that for now!

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