Friday, February 02, 2007

A whole lot of nothing

So last year I added this cool thing to my blog called "Stat counter" This thing tells me how many people actually read my blog and what part of the world people come from, and how they find my site. Anyway I checked out the stats the other day and realized I still get an average of 50 hits a week from all over the world. So I figure since people are still bored enough to read my rants, I'll entertain them and write about the very uneventful time I've had since I came home, just over a month ago.

Well I came home and fell immediatly into the rut I thought/feared I would. Ugh, well first, friends of mine from Aruba (the same ones that took me to Miami twice with them a few years back), offered for me to go down and visit them in Aruba , which would have been cool, but that fell through, then I was planning to go back to New York to visit a friend, but i backed out of that for personal reasons. And then I decided I wanted to go to South Korea to teach English, but to teach there legally (to get the visa I need) I need to have my bachelors degree, but in order to finish my bachelors degree, I still need to do 40 hours of in class teaching, So you see the problem I had there, So I abandonned that idea. I've also toyed with moving to calgary.

But alas, I am still a bum living in my parents house, mopeing around and bitching at everyone. UGHHH I dunno why this always happens to me when I come back home.

Anyway I'm having a really hard time finding a decent job. Which doesn't surprise me, my french is just too crappy for anything in Montreal. Makes me kinda wish they changed that law where "any kids of non-english speaking immigrants have to go to french school" one year earlier that they did ( I just missed it). Also, I should have taken my dentists advice when he told me I should date more francophones to learn french as opposed to wasting my time with all these spanish speaking boys. What good will spanish do me here??!?!? MIERDA!!!

Anyway I have a place i want to move into around cote de neige which has been waiting for me since the first week i came home.

I can't in the least bit stand the West-Island (no offence). But the people here are just too superficial/ annoying and just smell too much like perfume, hahahaha. And I just don't understand why every chill little Pub they have here has been turned into a half-assed club by gay music and skanky annoying teeny-boppers. Also I'm sick of being so far away from everything.

Today I spent the last of my new york bakery money to join the gym. So now I have a reason to wake up in the morning, and get dressed also I have somehting to keep me busy so I don't have to spend all day waiting for someone to call to give me a job. Umm I've also been catching up with old friends and drinking too much...and getting myself in to some trouble just like the good ol' days in Montreal ...
I miss the friends I made in Australia, I really do, they were good times, in fact I miss Australia all together, If it weren't for the stupid christmas tree crap, I'd probably still be there with a pocket full of cash I made from picking Mangos and a nice tan and a BOX full of tasty wine, my visa doesn't even run out until Feb 14th!!!! Can you tell I'm bitter???? ?!?!

..awww man I hope I find a job soon!.. I'm sick of being completely useless..and in a complete shit mood all the time..

I got a random message from a friend from mexico who I haven't heard from in ages while I was sleeping last night. He said:

**** says:
oh girl, I hadn't read your update about the tree-selling period, really sorry things didn't turn out the way you planned them
**** says:
anyway, remember that what you have in your life, some other people you can't be doing things so wrong
**** says:
big hug - Raul "

Anyway eventhough I've been complaining and bitching about everything lately and re-evaluating the entire way I've lived my life, He did make a good point, and it made me feel a bit better...i guess...

.. anyway I am coming up with random things I want to do int he near future, but everything is still just ideas that I'm toying with. I'm sure life will start rolling eventually... at some point, in some country! Hopefully sooner or later


for now me and Lisa will just continue pretending we're Zoolander:
"It's not easy being really really ridiculously good looking"

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LosRicos said...

Well Zig, I know EXACTLY how you feel, as that's where I was no less than three months ago. It can take a while before you land something decent. It took me 14 months of searching before I was finally able to leave the security gig (which sucked monkey pole BTW).
You'll get through it. Just don't expect it overnight.