Monday, January 29, 2007

Thinking back to the Tsunami 2004

Though I don't like to admit it, the tsunami two years ago had a huge impact in my life. I'm thinking back to the day now, and a certain instance is standing out in my mind.
It was after the fact, maybe even a day later, Derek and I were sitting on the stone stair way leading up a mountain to the temple. the one that we slept outside of the first night. There were a few of us sitting there. We didn't want to go back to ground level, because we still don't know what happened, every now and then we'd ask someone and there was alwasy a different story, one point someone said it was somethign that broke out form an earthquake in Tazmania, close enough. Some people had they're FM radios, and listening to it religiously. There were constant rumors of another Tsunami coming, everyone had a diferent time of when it would come. SDo there was no way we were going back to ground level. the instance that touched me the most was, when other people were looting one an other, or just running away, there were these two ladies, that we recognized as living just down the street, that had lost everything. They were walking around, and up these stone stair in 40 degree weather, with packets of rice and curry and a huge bag full of drinking water. They were handing them out food an water to everyone, not asking for anything in return, just completely selflessly helping other. They were good people. People like that make me hope Karma really does exist

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