Friday, June 30, 2006

A pointless mission all the way to Emerald

After changing my mind about a million times, I decided to go all the way up to Emerald ( which was a 9 hour drive north and inland) to p[rune some grape vines. On the bus up there I met 3 English girls that were going to the same place. Thank God!!! because the place was a nightmare. The place looked like a concentration camp. We were each placed into seperate white box-like rooms.
Within hours of being there I had my food stolen. To make things even worse our employer tried to scam us by making us do 2 jobs at once but only paying us for one. After a few days we broke free having earned 0$$$. Though it felt a bit like I was escaping from prison.

Wooo! good times in Emerald!
So we took a bus 6 hours BACK south!! to a place called Bundaberg where we were promised at least 5 days a week of work. We lived in a 2 bedroom apartment with 3 other people (that makes 7 of us in atimy little place)....Well a week passed, we watch a LOT of TV and only got one full day of work. Well that got us 35$ richer!!
I wasted more money thean made money there.
So we headed even further south (only a half hour from where I origingally started) to a place called Childers.

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