Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Mini Blog

Where am I: MADRID, my new home
What am I doing: teaching english, not sick from mononucleosis anymore, meeting great people, eating good food, probably drinking too much, and getting robbed, and stumbling upon riots near my home, and lovign the spanish sun
Near future plans: pay off my debts, see more of europe, try to learn spanish
My new phone number +34 608123680


ashley said...

isabel its ashley and i havent hear from you since you left....where r u and are you ok? you better be or imma come beat up someone with the xmas trees and grrrrrrrrrrr lol email me n lemme know your doing ok merry xmas too hun loves ya

Sam Molino said...

hey chikita!
Just writing to let you know that mtl misses you! We hope you are having a blast and I shall keep you posted on my ventures in MAY..hey, wanna visit GHANA?? LOL
Hope all is well down under..and if you see any hot aussie police officers...feel free to tell them about me ;P
Ciao Bella,

ZIG!!! said...

Hey Sammy!!!
I miss ya over here. I wish you ALL the best luck in Ghana, thats crazy that you're goign there. If I wasn't in oz land I'd be there in a second. can't wait to hear about your adventures. I'll keep an eye out for the sexy aussie policeman for ya

Anonymous said...

Mooch ,

Set up a camera in the bathroom, get some fotos of them making out and stuff . If they are hot then you might be able to sell them and you will not have to work for a while .
Oh , word of warning , dont tell your hosts that your van is broken and ask them " to look under your hood " , you might get a surprise.

That stupid song , Men @ work and " Down Under " is playing on the radio now , perhaps that is a sign that I should take a trip to see you !!.

ZIG!!! said...

stop being a perve!!

Bobby said...

Wow, never a dull day in your life...lol.

Well good luck with the rest of your trip!! (you could probably make alot of money off those dirty old men though....just unzip and that'll probably be as far as you have to go :P)

take care,

Ms. Sukket Launghar said...

" A smut inspector "
Who I ask you is one of the best and most qualified people in the world to work at this ?
Now that is assuming that my deffination of smut and the queensland Govt is the same. You are either looking at porno all day long ( whats new ) or you are hanging out by chemical factories testing the air. If it is the first one then let me know cause I am doing it all day at my computer and not getting paid for it.

Anonymous said...
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