Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Last few days in Bangkok-MONTREAL

The last few days I just hung out around the guesthouse, didn't do too much. I went on a mass shopping spree for random things. Ran into some guy who practically lives down the street from me.
I had some issues sleeping so I went to the pharmacy to get some sleeping pills. The pharmacist gave me some no name white pills in a baggy. She told me it was Xanax and she promised they were weaker than valium, which is what I wanted. Anyway i popped two, and they kicked in just as expected and I slept great. I woke up however completely out of my mind! My god, i was completly messed up for the entire days, I just sat in a chair all day, and slept for the rest of the day. I could barely move. Crazy thai lady drugging me with no name drugs BAH! Needless to say i threw the rest out...
Anyway the day later Debby came back into town after having a crazy adventure in near burma, it was great to have her around. We snuck into the 5 star hotel across the street and did some sun bathing and swimming...
I left to go to the airport a day later. It was good to have her around, it was nice to have someone to say good-bye to.
Anyway it took over 30 hours to fly from Bangkok to Montreal ( via tokyo and chicago) ! Not a very comfortable flight at all with way to many stop overs.
I've been home about 18 hours now. I'm still a bit overwhelmed and confused and cold! But I'm still glad to be back! I'm going to go join the gym today to keep myself busy for the next 3 weeks until new york, and buy a new phone, since i realized the crazy french girl stole that too!! damnit! heh

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