Friday, August 25, 2006

Going to miss my family and home in Childers

(most of the gang at the caravan park)
In the past 4 years of travelling around the world many people have passed through my life but never have I met such an amazing group of people. I lived in the Grand and Smut patrolled with a group 10 ish people. Everyone was from a different part of the world and had complete different personalities but it all meshed together so nicely. I have to say I am going to sincerely miss each and everyone of them, and hope we'll stay in touch!!! We also can't forget about the Trailor park boys we worked with, we had some good parties at their caravan and also hope I keep in touch with them.

(at work)
I have to say my 3 month experience in Childers or as we called it "Limbo" was a unique one. Eventhough I was working my ass off and lived in a tiny little town that would have made a perfect setting for a horror movie and had a 3 to 1, person to tooth ratio, it was really a great experience.

(this is where i lived for 2.5 months)

I leave today with Mel ( one of the English girls I met on my hunt for work 3 months ago) to go continue travelling North. My first stop is Airlie beach, where I will be sailing the Whitsundays, I can't wait it will be nice to get back to the real world and out of limbo!

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