Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Alone in Kandy

Well let's see, the past 2 ish weeks haven't been all that exciting, but i guess I'll write abotu them anyway. For new years I climbed 2200 m up that stupid Adam's Peak mountain. It took me about 3 aND a half hours, it was pissing rain, and the wind was insane. I was also leeched a few times. We had a dog follow us all the way up, and the dogs tiny little puppy followed also.

In the morning there was no sunrise cuz it was two windy. And the dog abandonned it's puppy, and the puppy was half frozen to death. so we rapped it up in blankets and dragged the thing all the way down the mountain. Esti!!

Well all that cold got me sick, and I've been trying to get over this cold for the past 10 days. from adams' peak we went to a place about 20 km away, called maskeliya, which had a gorgeouse view of the mountain, and it was by some man made lake, yadda yadda yadda, it was cold, we stayed a few days.
Now due to some "issues" I am back in Kandy for the 3rd time but now I am alone.
Being in Kandy alone is like being in a completely different world. I can't go anywhere without some Sri Lankan boy leeching on. either to try to get me to see his shop, or practis his english, or god knows what. It get's pretty frustrating. Then again, straight of the bus when i got to Kandy i was disoriented, so some guy descided to take my bags and bring me to my guest house. All for the exchange of my home address (which by the way is 123 mainstreet Queerbec, canada,right?)

Anyway my brain is a spinnin' and i really have no clue what I am doing from here on. I'm thinking of options, and meeting lots of people and seeing what they're up too, maybe I'll steel someone elses plan. I dunno.
I'm considering goign home, just cuz I'm so lost right now, but that would probably be the worst thing to do.
I'llprobably go to thailand in a week or so, and try to find a job. BAH! who knwos, but I'll let u know.

Thanks again by the way for all of your concerns

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