Sunday, October 10, 2004

A month to go

I'm just pretty much posting this so i can see how it's set up.
Well I have a month to go ubntil i head to Cuba, and a month and 2 weeks till i get to Bangkok.
I'm prettye xcited, though there is still a l;ot fo work to be done til i get there


Anonymous said...

Heeey ziggie!!
It's todd. I wish u best luck in ur next adventure!
If u need any help, remember i'm here k?


Anonymous said...

Hey , I heard from a reliable source that the guy you are going to meet has a wife and 2 kids !!
This friend also told me that he was in prison twice for auto theft and aggrivated assault .

Be safe

Anonymous said...

Well i dun really know you but i'd like to. It's weird though, you meet me and like 3 days later have a plane ticket to go across the world for what maybe months...hmmmmm:P

Anyways, have fun and be careful.


ZIG!!! said...

Well now you people are just trying to freak everyone else out, good job!